When To Offer Lower Than List


Homes for sale in Tahoe Keys are expensive, and prices continue to go up compared to the year prior. South Lake Tahoe real estate is in a seller’s market, as are so many other places across the nation. Typically when buyer’s hear “seller’s market”, they assume that they will be in a multi-bid situation where they need to offer over asking in order to get the deal. In a seller’s market, low balling is a huge no no. In fact, coming in under market is considered a bad move regardless of who controls the market. Including in a buyer’s market, which Tahoe Keys real estate happens to be in. Tahoe Keys realtor’s generally consider anything under 15% to be a low ball offer, and almost every experienced professional will recommend that their buyer makes an offer that is based on comparable sales. Still, it isn’t impossible to get a good deal on homes for sale in Tahoe Keys. If you pay attention to the signs, you may be able to get a home less than what it is listed at. Check out these 5 tips!

If the Tahoe Keys real estate in question is clearly overpriced, you may be able to work the situation to your advantage. Now it is so important to note that just because a home comes with a million dollar price tag, it doesn’t mean it is overpriced. It could be worth the asking price and then some. However, some homeowners think their home is worth way more than it actually is, and ignore the advice of their Tahoe Keys realtor when it comes to pricing. These Tahoe Keys homes for sale typically sit and collect dust, causing sellers to grow frustrated. Work with your realtor in Tahoe Keys and craft an offer based on actual comps. Their realtor will present it to them, and hopefully if it is fair, explain that your offer would be a good one to accept.

Sometimes if a seller wants to unload the property fast, they will be open to lower than asking offers. This scenario has more to do about circumstances, such as a need to relocate for work or if their finances have changed, causing them to default on their loan. Your Tahoe Keys realtor can figure out this one for you simply by calling their realtor and asking how motivated the homeowner is.

When you are flexible on amenities, but your price is firm, offering a reasonable amount lower may work for you. This is a good option for folks that don’t really care what the home has to offer due to a variety of reasons: You are doing a full reno, you don’t care what the outside looks like, its an investment property, etc.  If you are not looking for your dream home and are more concerned about price, work with your Tahoe Keys realtor to come up with a competitive offer that fits your budget.

A good sign that indicates the seller may be open to a lower than list offer is if the Tahoe Keys homes for sale are constantly switching from Active to Temporarily Off The Market or Withdrawn. Now, proceed with caution and work closely with your realtor in Tahoe Keys on this one. It could be coming off due to a health issue, a home repair, or a legitimate reason. OR! It could be due to the seller being frustrated with the listing process and needing a break after a buyer backs out or their loan falls through last second. These ones are usually more open and motivated with a lower than ask offer.

If the home is outdated and you have the bandwidth and budget to handle bringing it up to date. Or you don’t care about shag green carpeting and orange appliances, you may be able to make a lower than list offer and win the bid.

Once again, your Tahoe Keys realtor will be the best person to advise on all things Tahoe Keys homes for sale and what to offer. If you have questions on buying or selling Tahoe Keys real estate, feel free to reach out. I would be happy to help!

“We got a killer deal,” they say. “Under list price.”

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