Getting Your Tahoe Keys Real Estate Ready To Sell

If you are getting ready to sell your Tahoe Keys Real Estate, making your house FEEL like home to buyers is a major part in selling quickly and for the most money. Before you even list your home, your Tahoe Keys realtor will likely have some suggestions for getting your property ready for the market. While you don’t need to do a $30,000 kitchen renovation, take into account what they are saying. We have a lot of experience in preparing homes for sale in Tahoe Keys for the market, and we know what buyers are attracted to and what they steer clear from. Check out these great tips for preparing your Tahoe Keys real estate so buyers feel like they just came home as soon as they walk in!

Clean EVERYTHING! You may have gotten used to dust in the corners, on the fans, food splatters in the kitchen and those carpet stains, but buyers come in with a fresh set of eyes. Deep clean so everything feels bright and new.

Giving every single room a purpose in Tahoe Keys homes for sale is a big deal. When you identify a room as an office, bonus or den, they will see that the property has versatility and comes with more than just basic living spaces and sleeping quarters.

Organize and unclutter! When buyers are touring homes for sale in Tahoe Keys, they are opening closets, drawers and cupboards. If it is all packed to the gills with things falling out, not only does it make the home feel cluttered, but it takes up space they would otherwise have but don’t get to see. Show off space by throwing out, packing up and organizing your belongings.

Let there be light! Seriously, people love light. It adds the elusion that there is more space and makes Tahoe Keys homes for sale feel cheery. Turn on lamps and overhead lights, clean windows, remove screens, replace old bulbs, open blinds and curtains and even add a mirror or two strategically to bounce light and make a space feel more open.

Take out the trash and hide the laundry both clean and dirty. When buyers tour Tahoe Keys homes for sale, they don’t want to see that stuff out in the open.

Fix whatever is broken. A loose cupboard hinge, a leaky faucet, broken screen door….whatever is happening, fix it. Buyers like things to feel new as all of us do when we purchase something. If they see too many broken things that are minor, they assume there are bigger things lurking below the surface.

For more information on how to get your Tahoe Keys real estate ready for the market, feel free to reach out. I would be happy to help!

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