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Tips for moving: get rid of things before packing

Packing is probably one of the most hated activities on a global level. Whenever you hear someone talk about moving, you probably hear "Ugh, I hate packing more than anything in the entire world" or "Packing is so stressful!". We have all been there at one point and it truly … [Read more...]

Tips for the first time Lake Tahoe seller

With the real estate predictions stating that there will be an increase this year in home sales, with many buyers being first timers, it is good to know a few things you can do to make your home appealing. If this is your first time as a seller, there are some things to be … [Read more...]

How to win the heart of a Lake Tahoe seller

With the prediction of bidding wars coming back to the Lake Tahoe real estate scene (it is already happening in other parts of the U.S.), it is a good time to figure out how to win the heart of a seller if you are serious about buying a Tahoe Keys home in 2015. Buying a home … [Read more...]

The 3 Big Tax Breaks you could get in 2015 if you buy a home

If you missed out on buying a house last year, that is ok. 2015 is a great time to a buy a house in Lake Tahoe and you can still take advantage of a great inventory, low mortgage rates and of course, tax breaks. In fact, you can take advantage of 3 house tax breaks this … [Read more...]