Top 5 Reasons You Need A Lake Tahoe Realtor

5ReasonsYouNeedaRealtorYou always hear about the importance of using a Tahoe Keys real estate agent. Sure you hear about the occasional success story of that friend of a friend who did a For Sale By Owner or bought a house without representation. However, real estate is not a cut and dry procedure of listing, showing and then selling with the simple filling out of a contract. There are so many different aspects, many of which can go wrong-from a loan falling out to a bad inspection report. A Real Estate agent’s main job is not only navigating and negotiating the terms of the Tahoe Keys real estate transaction, but also making sure that if or when something goes awry, they can help you with a back up plan to get you back on course. Not sure you believe me? Check out this graph! In 2013, 91% of buyers used a real estate agent in California. The areas where they found the real estate agent to be of most benefit are the aspects that are most important when buying a home: negotiating price and terms of the sale, finding comparable properties, determining what is most affordable and finding the right home. If you have questions about buying a home in the Tahoe Keys, call Peter Delilli at 530-308-4331.

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