Tahoe Keys Real Estate Update

If you are in the market to list or buy homes for sale in Tahoe Keys, knowing what is happening in the market makes for a successful experience. As a buyer looking to purchase homes for sale in Tahoe Keys, knowing the current market conditions can help guide you on the offer to make. When selling Tahoe Keys homes for sale, this information can be used as a tool to come up with a competitive list price as well as knowing how many days the homes are sitting on the market and what the percentage of list price is. Of course, using a qualified Tahoe Keys realtor will make the difference as we work to be your advocate throughout the entire process. When you work with an experienced Tahoe Keys realtor, they can give you statistics straight from the MLS on things like what the median and average sold prices are, days on market, etc. So how is real estate in Tahoe Keys doing? Lets take a look! 

The average sold price for homes for sale in Tahoe Keys is currently up 3.8% and sitting at $803,876. While up from this time last year, this is actually down for Tahoe Keys homes for sale just last month. The median sold price is down slightly at 3.8% at $707,000. This is also down compared to just last month. The important thing to know about the median and average sold price for homes for sale in Tahoe Keys is that just one home can throw it off. The median percentage of list price (this indicates your negotiation power) is at 96.6%. New listings have seen no change and pending sales are down 16.9%. Interestingly, homes for sale are up 15.6% while closed sales are down 11.7%. The median days on market has also gone up 6.1% at 105, which is actually down compared to last month. The average days on the market is up 11.2% at 139. The current month supply for real estate in Tahoe Keys has had no change and is still sitting at 5.7. In order for a market to be considered balanced, it needs a 6 month supply. This neighborhood is pretty close to that inventory level. However, it is important to note that higher priced homes typically do not have the same demand as affordable properties, which is why you hear about some homes moving quicker than others with multiple bids. Real estate in Tahoe Keys has the highest average sold price on the California side of Lake Tahoe, so it makes sense that we would have the higher month supply and days on market. If you are thinking of buying or selling in this neighborhood, are interested in Tahoe Keys real estate or are looking for a qualified Tahoe Keys realtor, give me a call. I would be happy to help! 

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