Tahoe Keys Real Estate Update

If you are thinking of buying or selling Tahoe Keys real estate this summer, knowing the current market conditions is crucial. As a seller, this information lets you know what is a fair price to list your real estate in Tahoe Keys for. Over pricing can cause your home to sit and in turn get passed over by buyers as they assume there is something wrong with it. Under pricing can back fire and you could end up taking less money than you want. As a buyer, knowing the market conditions ensures you don’t over pay the market value of a home for sale in Tahoe Keys. At the end of the day, selling Tahoe Keys real estate is a business transaction between a buyer and a seller and both parties should feel satisfied. 

In a nutshell, the Tahoe Keys real estate market has changed its tune since last month. While it is still in a buyers market, the sales prices have decreased. The median has gone down by 8.5%, but is still sitting at a higher price point of $679,500. The average price point has gone down 9.1% but is also still pretty high for South Lake Tahoe real estate at $750,306. Just a quick note, both the average and median sales price for South Lake Tahoe in general is in the $400,000 range. New listings have gone up 16.1%, which is great news for buyers. This means more inventory to shop from. The average days on the market is 100, which is more compared to South Lake Tahoe in general, but that is also normal when it comes to properties that have a higher price point. The good news is that it has decreased by 20 days compared to just last month. 


If you are looking to buy a home for sale in Tahoe Keys, or you are looking to sell real estate in Tahoe Keys, give me a call at 530-308-4331. I would be happy to guide you. 

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