Tahoe Keys Real Estate Update

Listing and buying homes for sale in Tahoe Keys requires two things if you want a successful experience: A qualified Tahoe Keys realtor and finding out about the current Tahoe Keys market conditions.  Tahoe Keys real estate is one of the few neighborhoods on the California side of the South Shore that is in a buyer’s market. Which is great news if you are a buyer, right? One of the most sought after neighborhoods in South Lake Tahoe having plenty of inventory is great but there is a catch! This neighborhood also happens to have the highest median and average sold price on this side of the lake as well. If you have been looking for Tahoe Keys homes for sale, there is some information you can use to your benefit. Days on market, sold prices and month supply can be used by both buyers and sellers to know what makes an offer competitive. The best way to get this information is from a Tahoe Keys realtor. We work closely with our clients to make sure they are making educated decisions. As a Tahoe Keys realtor, I use the local MLS to get up to date stats on the Tahoe Keys real estate market so that my clients always have the most accurate information. So what is happening with Tahoe Keys homes for sale? Let’s take a look!

The past few months, prices for homes for sale in Tahoe Keys have consistently been going up compared to this time last year. The average sold price for Tahoe Keys homes for sale is up 10% at $825,621. The median sold price for Tahoe Keys homes for sale is up 5.6% at $717,500. These are down though, by a pretty decent amount, from just last month. The average percentage of list price is still at 95.9%. This is a great tool that can be used to gauge your negotiation power.

New Tahoe Keys homes for sale is unchanged from last year while the amount of Tahoe Keys real estate available in general is up 14.7%. Pending sales, however, are down 8.8% and closed sales are down 11.9%. The average days on market has increased 13.2% to 137, however, this is down compared to last month which means homes are moving a little faster. The month supply is up 28.3% compared to this time last year at 5.3. A balanced market needs a 6 month supply and a seller’s market is anything less than 4. So while South Lake Tahoe’s month supply is 3.7 and in a sellers’ market, Tahoe Keys is experiencing a balanced market which means there are plenty of properties to purchase. However, higher priced homes typically do not have the same demand as lower priced properties. If you are thinking of buying or selling in this neighborhood and are looking for a qualified Tahoe Keys realtor, give me a call. I would be happy to help!

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