Tahoe Keys Real Estate Expected To Spring Forward

We just set our clocks to spring forward and very soon, the Tahoe Keys real estate market will be doing the same. In typical real estate markets, winter is slow and spring and summer are busy. The Tahoe Keys real estate market works a bit different. Lake Tahoe real estate is different compared to most real estate markets because it is a second home/resort market. Depending on Mother Nature, we potentially have two busy seasons. This winter has been, well, “epic” for lack of a better term. When there is a lot of snow, ski enthusiasts look at property for sale in Tahoe Keys and we can have a pretty busy winter. Just as busy as spring and summer.

Also unique to this particular year is the fact that inventory has been low and buyer demand is still high. We have left over buyers who did not find a home for sale in Tahoe Keys last spring and summer and are still serious about purchasing Tahoe Keys real estate soon. In fact, in most places around the United States, the cold winter months are incredibly slow but that has not been the case for most of the country this year due to the high buyer demand. With mortgage rates increasing, and expected to increase a couple more times before year end, real estate in Tahoe Keys is expected to “Spring forward” earlier than usual.

So what does this mean for you? Well it means that you can benefit now by starting the buying or selling process early. If you act quickly, you can benefit from being seen by buyers who are still looking before other homes flood the market. If you are a buyer, you can benefit by having less competition. If you are planning on buying or selling real estate in Tahoe Keys in 2017, give me a call at 530-308-4331.

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