Selling? How To Start A Bidding War

If you are looking to sell your Tahoe Keys real estate, you likely are hoping to sell fast and are open to the idea of a bidding war. After all, it is a current trend in real estate markets across the nation. Supply is low, demand is high and with prices rising along with mortgage rates, people want to get into a home NOW. If you want to sell your Tahoe Keys real estate with multiple bids and hopefully over asking, discuss these 3 tips with your Tahoe Keys realtor. 

Price Your Home To Move

This is slightly different compared to pricing per the market conditions. Pricing your real estate in Tahoe Keys to move is decreasing the listing price by a small percentage. When you price per the market conditions, you are pricing based on comparable sales in the area. Market conditions are usually determined by market demand which is essentially what people are willing to pay. Pricing your Tahoe Keys real estate a little bit lower can feel risky. After all, you don’t want there to be any thing left on the table. However! Buyers love the idea of a good deal. If your home is priced a little lower compared to the competition, there is a good chance the people who are looking for a home for sale in Tahoe Keys will make an offer on yours before other similar ones that are priced higher. 


Set a Deadline, Also Known As An Offer Review Date

This is not a move that is for everyone, and really depends on the market. If your home for sale in Tahoe Keys has showings lined up before you even hit the market, this could be a good strategy. Just like the above tip, people don’t like to miss out on a good opportunity. When you set a deadline or an offer review date, it motivates buyers who are serious to get an offer in on your house. Keep in mind that if your home is overpriced, this could backfire. In fact, this should only apply to real estate in Tahoe Keys that is priced appropriately or even slightly lower then market value. 

Spice Up The Listing Photos

Professional photographs are a must when it comes to listing a home for sale in Tahoe Keys. However, instead of doing the same old boring shots, request photos that show different angles of the house. This shows off how the home flows as well as creates the opportunity to stand out and not get lost in the sea of houses. 

Of course, every home is unique so it is crucial to consult your Tahoe Keys realtor to find out if these steps would be appropriate for you. For more information, give me a call at 530-308-4331. 


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