Protecting your Tahoe Keys Homes For Sale During The Holidays

During the holidays, we are all constantly on the go. Sometimes that is for a few weeks, a few days or a few hours. Thanks to our need to constantly post our whereabouts on social media, we are alerting complete strangers not only where we are at, but that we are also not home. Whether you are listing vacant Tahoe Keys homes for sale or just leaving for a few days, be sure to protect your home with these tips! 

1.) Lock it up

This seems obvious right? Lock the doors, windows, sliders and secure the garage. When people leave in a rush, they can leave something unlocked. If you have Tahoe Keys homes for sale, you want to be extra vigilant about this as there will be complete strangers touring your home (hopefully!) while you are gone. Most Tahoe Keys realtors are good about double checking that everything is locked up after the showing ends, however, when it isn’t your own home, you don’t always pay attention like you would if it was your own personal property. If you have a home for sale in Tahoe Keys listed and you know you will be gone, make sure your Tahoe Keys realtor emphasizes the need to lock up in the showing instructions. 

2.) Cool it on the social media

Unless your account is completely private (and you 100% trust all your friends) and you have someone staying at your property, letting people know recent splurges and when you are on vacation is basically inviting thieves into your home. Yes, sharing our most intimate details online seems to be a regular thing nowadays so if refraining completely is too difficult, there are ways you can safeguard. If your account is not private, make it private while you are away. If your business is linked to your social accounts and sharing your whereabouts is necessary, try “vague booking”. Don’t indicate where you are at the time of posting and make some of the activities sound past tense. Our society is so into “Throwback Thursday” or “Flash back Friday” that some may not know if the brunch you posted was this morning or two months ago. If you REALLY can’t tailor your posts at all, make a frequent mention of thanks to those “Good friends” for watching over your Tahoe Keys homes for sale. Even if no one is there. 

3.) Reroute the packages

This time of year sees an uptick in package deliveries. Whether you are leaving your home for sale in Tahoe Keys for a few days or you don’t want to worry about something being stolen while you are at work, there are a few options for you to choose. You can have packages delivered to your office, held at the post office for pick up or select in store pick up if you are ordering from a nearby business. You can even postpone delivery via FedEx and UPS if you need to. The lack in deliveries will also help deter anyone scouting the neighborhood to bypass your home. 

4.) Link up with a trusted neighbor

Living in a resort town like Lake Tahoe means we have a lot of full time locals (that enjoy traveling!) and part time locals. If you have become close with a neighbor and trust them, find out what their holiday schedule is and see if they want to trade off on keeping watch on each others home for sale in Tahoe Keys. Or ask your Tahoe Keys realtor if they can keep an eye out. 


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