Perks To Owning A Home

Buying a home for sale in Tahoe Keys is a hot topic right now. Prices are still on the rise, inventory is low and the historically low interest rates are now edging their way up with more increases predicted for the future. Becoming a home homeowner is a big part of the American dream. However, it isn’t something you can walk into easily. You have a check list to handle before you get started. You have to make sure your credit is in good standing and if it isn’t, you have to go through the steps to clean it up. Then there is applying for a mortgage, saving for the down payment and then house hunting, paperwork, negotiations and moving. It is a lot, to the point that some may wonder why it is worth it. If you are on the fence, be sure to check out this list of perks that make it all worth it!

Your Monthly Payments Stay The Same

When you rent, you are subject to increases once your lease expires depending on the current market. You are basically at the mercy of your landlord. When you buy Tahoe Keys real estate, you can lock in a monthly payment that is predictable for up to 30 years.

Value Appreciation

When you own Tahoe Keys real estate, you have financial stability and a valuable asset that appreciates over time. Depending on how long you live in your home and the market conditions when you sell, you could make a substantial amount of money at the time of resale.  This truly is one of the best investments you can make.


If you currently rent, you likely have thought about different home repairs or modifications you would like to make to your home. However, unless your landlord is really laid back, you do not have the luxury to make changes as you please. When you own real estate in Tahoe Keys, you do not need permission to refloor, repaint and replace.

Owning Is Cheaper

While the upfront costs of buying can feel overwhelmingly pricey, it really is cheaper to own a home for sale in Tahoe Keys. In fact, buying is actually more affordable in almost 60% of the United States. With mortgage rates still low, yet slowly rising, you can still get into a home for sale in Tahoe Keys affordably.

Built In Savings Account

When you own real estate in Tahoe Keys, you have the opportunity to borrow money on the equity you have built by paying your mortgage. This basically means that down the line, if you need to finance an emergency or large expense, your house is an option.

A few more perks to owning your own home for sale in Tahoe Keys is more privacy, tax benefits, ties to the community and secure retirement investment. For more information on buying and selling real estate in Tahoe Keys, call me at 530-308-4331.

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