Why Now Is a Great Time To Buy Luxury

If you have been thinking about moving up in the world of real estate, now is a fantastic time according to industry experts! Especially if you find your home no longer serves its purpose and fits your needs. While most major areas are in a seller’s market across the nation, luxury is in a buyer’s market in a lot of areas. In fact, Tahoe Keys homes for sale may have the highest average and median sold price on the California side of Lake Tahoe, but it is also one of the only neighborhoods on this side with a balanced month supply over 6. For comparison, South Lake Tahoe in general has a 3.5 month supply. Anything less than 4 is considered a seller’s market. While making a low ball offer is always something to refrain from, the perk to being in a buyer’s market is that the buyers have the control, which means more wiggle room with price. Of course, we always recommend working closely with an experienced Tahoe Keys realtor as we can guide you on making an appropriate offer that a seller would find enticing.

If you own a home you need to sell before looking at Tahoe Keys homes for sale, the good news is that lower priced homes are moving quickly in South Lake Tahoe. As inventory in general is low, entry market properties are selling fast and in some situations, over asking with multiple offers. This can go towards your down payment on bigger Tahoe Keys homes for sale.

A trend we are seeing among millennials is that some of these first time buyers have bigger budgets to spend, allowing them to make their first home purchase on Tahoe Keys real estate. Not to mention, with the Bay area market pricing people out of the city, a lot of homeowners are getting creative and moving further away to take advantage of lower housing prices. While some folks have to stick close to work and commute, there are several who have the ability to work remotely, which means we have been seeing an influx of Bay area buyers that are calling Lake Tahoe home all year around. While homes for sale in Tahoe Keys have the highest sold price for the California side of South Lake Tahoe, it is still lower compared to what buyers are getting in the Bay.

While the best time to sell is when demand is high and supply is low, you can’t always match up your selling and buying when it is the most convenient for your needs. If you are currently contemplating if now is a good time to move up into more luxurious digs, reach out to your Tahoe Keys realtor. As an established, local Tahoe Keys realtor, I would be happy to share more information on buying and selling in my neighborhood!

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