Monthly Tahoe Keys Real Estate Update

Are you getting ready to list or buy homes for sale in Tahoe Keys? This time of year is a fabulous for buying and selling in one of the most sought after South Lake Tahoe neighborhoods. This neighborhood has unique amenities that other areas on the California side don’t offer. Features like a club house, private beach and pool to sports courts and quick access to the lake from your own dock are things homeowners here can look forward to. When it comes to buying and selling Tahoe Keys homes for sale, it is important to align yourself with a qualified and experienced Tahoe Keys realtor. Not only do we advocate for our clients but we guide them through the transaction and beyond. We also provide them with the current Tahoe Keys real estate market so they can understand their position and how to create a competitive strategy. Knowing things like average and median sold price for Tahoe Keys homes for sale can benefit both parties. If you are selling, you will gain a good understanding of how to price your home according to the market. Additionally, this will help you recognize when a quality offer has been made and how to proceed. If you are buying, you will know how fast homes for sale in Tahoe Keys are selling. You will also be aware of the prices the market has valued them at which allows you to create a competitive offer based on comparable sales. So how is Tahoe Keys real estate doing? Let’s take a look!

Sellers continue to get good news as far as prices are concerned. The average sold price for Tahoe Keys real estate is up compared to last year at this time as well as just last month. The average sold price for homes for sale in Tahoe Keys is up 15.3% at $888,364. The median sold price for Tahoe Keys homes for sale is up 8.2% at $747,500. Now before sellers get too excited, the average percentage of list price is down 1.1% at 95.6%. Your realtor in Tahoe Keys will help you understand this number more, but it basically helps you figure out your negotiation power. Additionally, the current month supply is up 32% at 6.6. To understand this, anything less than 4 is a seller’s market while anything over 6 is considered balanced. This essentially means that unless a home is considered a “hot buy” (priced low), you probably shouldn’t expect multiple offers and closing at over asking.

New Tahoe Keys real estate has increased by 21.1%. The amount of real estate in Tahoe Keys in general is up 14.7%. Pending real estate in Tahoe Keys have gone down 2.6% while closed sales have gone up 10.4%. The average days on market is currently 139 while the median is 102. If you are looking for a realtor in Tahoe Keys or more information on buying and selling in general, I would be happy to help!

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