Lake Tahoe Activities To Enjoy Before The Snow Falls

Labor Day is among us, which means another beautiful Lake Tahoe summer is coming to an end. For those of us that choose to live here year round, this definitely isn’t the worst thing. After all, it means snow is coming, err hopefully, and we can switch gears and enjoy days on the slopes. If summer is your preferred season in Lake Tahoe, check out this list of activities to enjoy before it is time to winterize the boat and get out the snow shoes.

1.) Labor Day fireworks, also known as our summer going out with a bang. Literally. You can hop aboard any one of the local cruise boats (M.S. Dixie, The Queen, Paradise, etc.) and enjoy the show from there, or line along the beaches and get a front row seat of the action. Here in Lake Tahoe, summer starts off with fireworks on Memorial Day weekend and ends with fireworks on Labor Day.

2.) Hit the trails before they become covered in snow and ice. We know the diehards will still be out all year around, but if you prefer your trails dry, now is the time to get out there. Take your camera and capture the change in color of the foliage. There is no shortage of spots to go and for a lot of us, we simply leave our front door to hit a trail.

3.) Hit the links. Golfing is winding down and with the great live music that has been happening at the Lake Tahoe Golf Course, you can enjoy a day on the course and end it with a party.

4.) Go for a gondola ride in the Tahoe Keys marina. Tahoe Amore has a great thing going with the Italian themed boat ride. Whether you want to pack in 4 of your best friends, grab the kids or go with your significant other, this is a relaxing hour you won’t regret. Try going at sunset!

5.) Lakeside patio dining. Such a simple thing, but it has an expiration date and you never realize how much you love it until it is gone…..for about 6 or 7 months. So go cozy up at your favorite table at Riva, Fresh Ketch, The Beacon, Ski Run’s Artemis location, Jimmy’s or Brooke’s and order a bottle of wine and watch the sun go down.

6.) Live music outside. Even if it isn’t lakeside, there is nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying live music. Head to Heavenly Village and grab a table at Base Camp Pizza, Azul or Gun Barrel tavern and take in the tunes.

7.) Beach nights. It seems like every group in Lake Tahoe has a weekly beach night. Sometimes it is the same night every week, and sometimes it changes. Regardless, make sure you grab your favorite people, some yummy food and go hang out the beach until the sun goes down. You won’t regret it. Especially when it is February and the lake looks so pretty, yet sooooooo cold.

If these ideas aren’t up your alley, try paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking, parasailing or jet skiing. Also check out for ideas and events of what is going on. Enjoy the warm weather and stay tuned for more activities and events in Lake Tahoe.

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