How To Move AND Save Money!

If you have bought or sold Tahoe Keys real estate recently, moving is in your near future. One of the biggest head aches of moving also happens to be the cost. Unless you are a contractor with brawn AND a large truck and trailer, moving in or out of a Tahoe Keys home for sale could get spendy. Luckily, there are some ways to save.

1.) Get Rid Of Stuff! That wardrobe from 10 years ago you have taking up precious space in the attic? The kid’s toys they have outgrown that you are holding on to in case some one with younger kids comes over? All those white elephant gifts collecting dust in the garage? Whatever your poison is, every one has clutter and stuff they have been holding on to for years. Lighten up the load and hold a garage sale and then donate whatever is left over. Remember, lots of charities have tax deductions, so in addition to making money, you could be saving money during tax time too. After all, if you move all those things you haven’t even looked at, let alone though about, in years? It will cost you extra.



2.) Use Free Boxes. There are so many affordable solutions when it comes to finding boxes. Some grocery stores and local business have them for free or incredibly cheap. Ask a friend or family member who just moved. Ask your Tahoe Keys realtor what resources they know of. Check out Freecycle, Craigslist or Boxcycle. You have affordable packing options at your finger tips, you simply need to ask around.

3.) Avoid moving during typical moving months (spring and summer) or at the end of the month. Like any where else, off season rates are cheaper. Just acknowledge when discussing the rates with the moving company that you are aware of this fact. Sure this means you may have to move in to a Tahoe Keys home for sale during a snow storm, but it could save you a substantial amount of money.

4.) Don’t do guesstimates when moving out of your home for sale in Tahoe Keys. The word guess is just that. Get a guaranteed price, otherwise your move could be way over budget. A moving company should be able to come to your home, look at everything that needs to go and give you a cost. Also be sure to ask what the maximum cost is that even if they can’t give you an exact number, you know what the highest number would be. Don’t forget to factor in tipping.


5.)  Keep your receipts. When you buy Tahoe Keys real estate and have to move, you can write almost all of it off during tax time.

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