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Interest Rate Increase! What Does This Mean For You?

If you have been thinking about buying Tahoe Keys real estate, you have probably been keeping an eye on the mortgage interest rates. For the last several months the rates for a 30 year fixed mortgage rate have been around 3.5%. Just last week they made the jump up to 3.94%. … [Read more...]

Financial Reasons To Buy Tahoe Keys Real Estate NOW!

America is a nation made up of homeowners. While the American dream can shift, over 65% of the U.S. Citizens are homeowners. It makes sense that more than half would own Tahoe Keys real estate. There are both financial and personal benefits that come with being a homeowner … [Read more...]

Staging Your Tahoe Keys Home During The Holidays

When it comes to selling your Tahoe Keys real estate, the experts all suggest creating a selfish experience for the buyer. You want them to think about themselves, not you and your family. This means de-cluttering, pulling down a majority of the family photos, removing … [Read more...]

Thinking Of Selling? The Lack Of Inventory Makes Now The Perfect Time!

If you are thinking of listing your home for sale in Tahoe Keys, now is the perfect time. The major housing crisis is finally in the background and Tahoe Keys real estate sales are up, along with their value. Not to mention, distressed sales are the lowest that have been in … [Read more...]