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Upgrade Musts To Finish Before Listing Your Lake Tahoe Home

Prepping your home for sale in Tahoe Keys, Lake Tahoe so it is ready for the market is hard. After all, so many people think they need to remodel to get the most bang for their buck, which in reality isn't entirely¬†accurate. In fact, most of the stuff you can do is actually … [Read more...]

Real Estate Facts By The Numbers

Whether you own a home or are just thinking about it, you are probably wondering about statistics and facts about the market. Conveniently, we have all you need to know about the current United States Real Estate Market right here! One of the things first time home buyers … [Read more...]

Moving? Here Is What You Should Do Before You Go

If you have just sold or bought a home for sale in Lake Tahoe, moving is the next step. This bittersweet event can be emotional and sad, yet exciting. So what can you do to make the transition a little less painful? We have a few fun ideas to bid your old Tahoe Keys home … [Read more...]

5 Things To Do During The Winter In Lake Tahoe

For the past 6 months or so, there have been several reports of a big El Nino winter. While we are still on the fence, Mother Nature has given us 3 good storms. Enough that for the first time in a long time, our local ski resorts were able to open early. If you are new to … [Read more...]

Tahoe Keys Weed Management

The Tahoe Keys has been a hot topic the past year or so with dredging and weed management at the forefront. ¬†Lake Tahoe takes the protection of our gorgeous blue waters very seriously and anything that could negatively impact the quality of the water is heavily discussed and … [Read more...]

Getting Top Dollar For Your Home During The Off Season

Lake Tahoe saw a lot of real estate action this summer, with stats over all being very good compared to the last few years. It is that time of year where the market has quieted down, but it doesn't mean you need to call your Tahoe Keys realtor and have him remove the sign … [Read more...]

Moving Into Your Lake Tahoe Home Before Closing? Read This First!

Moving is an activity people rarely consider "fun". Even if the house your are moving into is your dream home, the transition from old to new is still tough. So much that if a seller offers you the opportunity to move in to your Tahoe Keys home for sale, you may jump at the … [Read more...]