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Qualities That Can Make Your Home Harder To Sell

Buying a home is a personal decision. By personal, I mean that what appeals to you may not appeal to future buyers when you decide to sell. So if you think you have found your dream home, think again because there are some charming features that may only apply to you. Not … [Read more...]

Can’t Afford Your Home? Here Is How To Get Out

Thankfully the housing market has mostly recovered since the 2007 crash. Some markets are experiencing bidding wars with offers coming in at well over asking while other markets are filled with homes that still haven't recouped their losses. Some people simply bought at the … [Read more...]

What A Home Stager Wish You Knew

If you are getting to ready to sell your Tahoe Keys home, you likely have a massive To Do list luring in the back of your mind. One item on that list may be staging and whether or not you should do it, or if you should hire a professional to do it. If you have seen what … [Read more...]

How To Compete With An All Cash Buyer

The all cash buyer is every seller's dream. And every buyer's nightmare if you are dealing with a mortgage contingency. If you are purchasing a home with a loan and in a bidding war with a cash buyer, they could end up looking like a super villain here to steal that dream … [Read more...]

The Pros of Buying a Tahoe Keys Condo For Sale

If you are considering buying a home for sale in Lake Tahoe, but are not completely sure if homeownership is something you are ready for, you should consider a Tahoe Keys condo for sale. So long as you don't mind sharing a wall with a neighbor, this could be a good first … [Read more...]

Lake Tahoe Home For Sale: 2075 Slalom Ct

If you are looking for a home for sale in the Tahoe Keys, look no further. 2075 Slalom Ct has been beautifully remodeled from top to bottom. This four bedroom Tahoe Keys home for sale is not only sold fully furnished, but features downstairs living with a stylish kitchen … [Read more...]